After a successful summer pilot in classrooms throughout several local colleges, Open Assembly is kicking off the fall semester by inviting professors from CUNY, SUNY, and other New York schools to participate in its fall pilot. Participating professors will have the opportunity to test-drive our platform in their classrooms, with their students.

The majority of the instructors who participated in the summer pilot shared that they found Open Assembly to be a valuable tool for teaching and learning. They also universally said that compiling course materials in a single location using Open Assembly alleviated the pressure associated with having students buy books and/or link to various internet sites to access course materials. Of the students surveyed, 77% said that Open Assembly was more visually appealing than Blackboard. Combining drag-and-drop ease of use alongside attractive visual design, Open Assembly’s immersive CoursePilot was designed by educators, for educators (and students), with the learning experience as central to its core.

If you are interested in participating in our fall pilot (or if you know anyone who is), please click on the orange banner on our website to sign up.